WePrescribe adds pediatric services

Recently launched Hawaii telemedicine practice WePrescribe has expanded its offerings to include pediatric services. With Hawaii board-certified pediatricians, the additional offerings is intended to bring relief to worried caregivers.

“As a first time and new parent, I know first-hand that illnesses don’t always occur during office hours and I wanted to provide a safe, affordable option for worried parents,” said cofounder Dr. Neel Chauhan. “While we can’t treat 100 percent of conditions we are able to treat 85 percent of conditions that would normally have parents visiting a doctor’s office or urgent care.”

The pediatricians added to the WePrescribe roster are able to safely treat infants and toddlers as well as older children on all Hawaii islands.

To use WePrescribe’s pediatric services a parent or legal guardian must be present. Parents can schedule a call a virtual doctor visit with a pediatrician by going to

About WePrescribe

WePrescribe is a Hawaii-based telemedicine company that allows patients the safety and convenience of live video visits. The online service leverages technology to increase accessibility of healthcare via teleconference consultations for a variety of health conditions, including behavioral health. To learn more, please visit

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